Ministry Phases 

Phase I: Vision Casting & Donor Development  

  • Raise support to achieve full funding 

  • Develop social media network 


Phase II: Dominican Culture Integration 

  • Move to the Dominican Republic 

  • Learn Spanish   


Phase III: Ministry Research 

  • Research areas that are hotspots for sex trafficking

  • Formalize partnerships with local ministries 

  • Develop a team

  • Expand political and legal connections

Phase IV: Advance Campus Vision & Program ​

  • ​Develop relationships with bar ladies

  • Acquire land for residential safe house campus

  • Construct safe houses

  • Develop staff and volunteer leaders

Phase V: Ministry Development

  • Develop program entrance assessments

  • Establish facilities for skills training

  • Increase opportunities for education


Phase VI: Launch Rescue Program

  • Extend reception invitations 

  • First rescue


Phase VII: Ministry Expansion

  • Hire additional staff as needed

  • Acquire additional property for project development

  • Evaluate ministry model for reproducibility

  • Train indigenous leaders to assume mission responsibility

For more information regarding future phases, please contact us.