This is Just the Beginning

"Therefore, since through God's mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart."

~2 Corinthians 4:1

We praise God everyday for this mission that He has given us! Two weeks ago our team was blessed with the opportunity to go on our first vision trip to the Dominican Republic. We couldn't be more encouraged than we are right now from the work God is doing. In the short week we were there, He arranged divine appointments with some awesome network ministries, educational opportunities, and locals who are deeply involved in the world of forced prostitution. We asked God to continue showing us how this ministry will take shape and the results were far greater than we hoped. God is SOOOO GOOD!!!

On our second day there, we got to meet with Luke, Naomi, and Phyllis, from FIGHT Ministries. We heard their story first-hand of how God has moved in their hearts to raise awareness among the Dominican people, partner with a local Christian school to start prevention work, and has allowed them to buy property to begin construction on a facility that will focus on rehabilitation! We absolutely loved our time with this team of Spirit-filled believers!

While we were in Jarabacoa, we visited Doulos Discovery School (D.D.S.). Two of their staff members, Dan and Caesar, took us on a tour that was over and above our expectations! They answered every question we had and even some we hadn't thought of! Our prayer is that God would open up 3 spots at D.D.S. for our kids to begin classes there this fall. Please pray with us!

Next, we drove out to Las Terrenas, which is located on the Samana Peninsula and is also a known hotspot for human-trafficking and forced prostitution. We witnessed the disparity on the strip between daytime and the night life. One evening God crossed our path with a girl by the name of Leyssy. She was brought over from Haiti and separated from her toddler son, because there wasn't any work there and she was promised greater opportunity in the D.R. The weight of the guilt she carried was evident as we talked with her about her desire to provide for her son. She's been lied to over and over, as satan has made her believe that selling herself is the only way she can do that. She confessed feeling completely lonely and we gave her the truth that God sees her and He is near to her. He loves her, He gave Himself for her, and His intention was not for her life to be lived this way!

More than anything, God taught us as a team, to fully lean into Him as we went into some of the D.R.'s darkest places. We were able to take the light of the Gospel and share it with people that feel completely trapped! These girls are enslaved in the sex trade, unaware of the love the Father has for them.

Through it all we were encouraged, inspired, stretched, strengthened, and overwhelmed by the presence of The Holy Spirit.

Keep these girls in your prayers and for God to work in their lives! Also, keep us in your prayers as we continue to raise support! We're asking God to allow us to be fully-funded by this June! Lastly, pray for our team members; Keith, Amy, and Cole Melugin as they are waiting to receive the correct visa for Cole.

"God doesn't want to follow our paths, He wants to guide our steps."

Thank you everyone for all your prayers! We love you and appreciate all your support!

~Beloved by the King

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