Summer Nights!


Ever since God started us on this journey, we’ve been so excited for what is ahead! We give Him thanks because he is so good to us, especially when we don’t deserve it! His love endures forever and we know he is the reason for this ministry. Our team (all 8 of us) recently just got back from a 3 week trip where God showed up in incredible ways!!

Day in and day out we were patiently looking for a place to call home. this process encompassed the entire time we were there, and it wasn’t always easy. We started looking for houses a few days after we arrived in the dr. we looked at many different options. with help from our Dominican friends, to real estate agents, to calling any number on a “for sale” or “For rent” sign, we listened to god and felt peace about one home in particular. we were fervently asking God whether this was the place that He would have us use for both family and ministry. As the days passed by we constantly had to remind ourselves to put our trust in him and pray that we would be going home with a signed contract. All by god’s grace were we able to sign that contract two days before we came back to the States! PRAISE GOD!!!!! although We know this world is not our home, God has blessed us with a beautiful house through which we can bless others for his kingdom. We are blessed to be a blessing and we each have been blessed greatly by our Heavenly Father!

Also during our time in Jarabacoa we were able to sit down with the new head administrator at Doulos Discovery School. He told us that even though Taedym and Landon are first on their waiting list, the possibility of DDS having the space for them this fall was very thin. but god showed up, and by no accident, when we went to Jarabacoa Christian School we felt peace stepping into the school. not only did Jarabacoa Christian School have the space for Taedym and Landon, they also had it for Kinslaey!!! When we had all the kids registered and the deposits paid, we realized that we had brought the exact amount of pesos that were needed!

A few months ago, Keith Melugin began to brainstorm what it would look like to bring a team from his home church in Chagrin Falls, OH, to Jarabacoa and serve specifically in the village of Los Higos. Keith and Amy then asked us to collaborate with them in order to host a team of 37 high school and college-age students from fellowship bible church. What our second week of June in the DR brought was the blessing to learn and grow as a team with Keith and Amy. during that time we served alongside Pastor Jesus and Carmen Luz in Los Higos as we've done many times before. We spent time in the village with the team from FBC building relationships, working on a house, praying for people and sharing the good news to each and every person that came across our path!

Our next step in this process is to submit all of our documents for a working visa to the Dominican Consulate in Chicago, IL, with the hope of an expedient approval. This could take up to 6 weeks, so we’re asking everyone to please pray with us so that we’ll be able to get everything back in time to leave, get moved in, and have the kids start school in the middle of august!

Thank you so much for all your love, prayers, and support!

We truly appreciate each one of you and love you all!

~Beloved by the king

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