Rolling Stones

So, it’s been a while since our last email/blog update. I can easily forget that not everyone uses social media to connect. Our 2019 was definitely full of change. It was almost a year ago that we asked all of you to begin praying over a couple different tracks of land that border the house where we live. We both believed that Holy Spirit was leading us to create the first step of the ministry to women in the sex trade (and their children) right here in Jarabacoa. Well, some of you already know, as you prayed with us, God answered in a huge way. It’s now 2020 and God brought the property as well as the funds to purchase it! Not only that, but He’s made it possible (supplying some of the BEST connections) for us to put a construction plan together that will begin this summer!

So what’s next? Well this is some of the most exciting news! As of today we’ve got two confirmed safe house build teams on the calendar for this summer! You heard me right! And as I sit here and write this, I’ve been communicating with another Jesus loving boss who wants to make the first week of December a strong possibility for a 3rd house build! I’m completely in awe of how God is moving to make all of this come together! If you’re a prayer warrior, keep praising God for all He’s done because the life of a young lady is going to be changed forever when she gets to meet Jesus and experience restoration in this protected atmosphere! Her children are going to see a break in the way things have always been done so that they can grow up with a full life that’s free in Christ! This is such GOOD NEWS!!!

We do have some financial needs that will be coming up quickly. Right now we don’t possess all the tools needed for the construction work to be accomplished. The idea of tool rental has been tossed around, however the rental places here are not like the states. Availability is a huge factor. Finding everything we’d need isn’t as easy as just walking into Home Depot. The other issue with tool rental is the quality of whatever it is we’re renting. It’s super common for a place to rent you something that isn’t gonna function within the next 24 hrs. So we’ve got a tool list that we hope to buy before May so that the building won’t be hindered. The other things have to do with the property itself. We’ll need to dig a well and cistern for the safe houses. This would also be amazing to have before construction starts because we’ll be using water for everything! Last not but not least is a driveway. When it comes to material delivery and accessibility, we know that we must put down a solid base that can handle heavy trucks. So what’s the price tag for all of this? We’re hoping to raise $7500 ASAP to take care of these needs and get this ball rolling.

If you’ve been following the journey as we’ve been following God in starting this ministry, we humbly ask that you pray. Would you earnestly seek the Lord about helping in some way? In John’s first letter, he calls us little children who have an advocate before the Father in heaven. Many of you have been praying with us over women and children that someday will start a new life here, that we may not have even met yet. They have no idea that they’ve got complete strangers advocating for them. Be like Jesus the Righteous, who never stops advocating for you. Ask God to provide for these immediate needs! Ask Him how you can be part of it!

Serving together as one!

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