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Love Restored endeavors to create a bilingual rescue center aimed at the Dominican Republic's most vulnerable. Our prayer is to build relationships with women and their children that display the Gospel of Jesus Christ in everyday life. We seek to take an active role in their development as independent, self-supporting, Christ-following adults. We believe this restoration of their true identity in Christ will begin a Gospel movement throughout the Dominican Republic.

We focus our efforts on four pathways of ministry: Preventative Education, Relief Work, Soul Rescue, and Holistic Restoration. 

Prevention - We concentrate on connections that we have with local schools and sports clubs to teach children about the common practices of predators, who Jesus is, how He loves them, and the original intent in God's design for a family.

Relief - When we have an opportunity to remove the weight from the shoulders of those at risk of falling into the trap of forced prostitution, we take it. It means seeing a need and meeting it, often times through our Emergency Needs Pantry. We believe in generously blessing in the areas of home care, health care, basic nutrition and hygiene, because God has generously blessed us. 

Rescue - We believe that real rescue is what Jesus has done for us. He intervened in our lives, bringing good news, and building the bridge of relationship when we were still living with the attitude of "Thanks God for giving me life ...but no thanks on telling me how to live it!" God has given us a hand in the preaching and teaching of the gospel through a church revitalization in our neighborhood. And by focusing the soul care of each person He brings through the door, we see people walking away from what has long shackled them in fear. 

Restoration - 
 By the grace of God and those who we've been blessed to partner with, we now have a small safe house campus where adult women who have fallen victim to unspeakable things can come and find refuge. The work of restoring lives begins with a renewed understanding of Christ's perfect love for them. This residential program, with a transformative curriculum, allows us to walk alongside young ladies as they learn to pursue their God given passions, shaped around their new identity in Christ, set on engaging their head, their heart and their hands.


Ministry Phases 

Phase I: Vision Casting & Donor Development  

  • Raise support to achieve full funding 

  • Develop social media network 

Phase II: Dominican Culture Integration 

  • Move to the Dominican Republic 

  • Learn Spanish   


Phase III: Ministry Research 

  • Research areas that are hotspots for exploitation

  • Formalize partnerships with local ministries 

  • Develop a team

  • Expand political and legal connections

Phase IV: Advance Campus Vision & Program ​

  • ​Develop relationships within our community that are intended to engage the defenseless  

  • Acquire land for residential safe house campus

  • Construct safe houses

  • Develop staff and volunteer leaders

Phase V: Ministry Development

  • Develop program entrance assessments

  • Establish facilities for skills training

  • Increase opportunities for education


Phase VI: Launch Rescue Program

  • Extend reception invitations 

  • First safe house admission 


Phase VII: Ministry Expansion

  • Hire additional staff as needed

  • Acquire additional property for project development

  • Evaluate ministry model for reproducibility

  • Train indigenous leaders to assume mission responsibility

For more information regarding future phases, please contact us. 

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